Hey, I'm

Jimmy DeMar

A family man

Married to my high school sweetheart with four amazing children, two dogs, a turtle and living in a nice house, I really can’t complain about much in life.

My wife and I met in high school and dated for two years during that time.  We parted ways by the time we graduated, but always kinda kept tabs on each other over the years following our high school days.  We had both been in several relationships during our time apart and both had also been previously married.  I believe that it is for this reason that we came around full circle and gave our relationship another try and the rest is history….

We have four wonderful children.  James, 16, Madisyn, 11 and our twins Stella & Logan at 5 years old.  We have our hands full and are always busy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We have two dogs named Buster and Fiona.  They round out the family and provide more than enough exciting and not so exciting times than I know what to do with.

A Professional

I started working at the age of 14 at my uncles restaurant washing dishes.  When I turned 16 and got my first car I got a job working at a Super Target where I was cooking in the kitchen.  From there I moved on to become a stock guy and then a salesman at Sound Advice.  After leaving Sound Advice I went on to work with my father doing pre-press work at his company, American Litho.  It was at this point where I began to settle into the type of work that I would come to enjoy.  I spent 10 years there and then moved on to work at Minuteman Press for just about a year.  It was here that I had gotten recruited to work for the company I am working at now, Gosselin Graphics.  I have been here for 10 years now and love my place of employment.
I have spent over 20 years behind a computer now and have learned how to do just about anything that can be done when it comes to this area of business.  Graphic design, web design, hardware and software troubleshooting and so on.  Who knows what the future holds for me, but for now, I enjoy what I do.

A hobbyist

Ive tinkered with a lot of things in many different aspects of life.  From custom car stereo installs, to building computers. From wood working to general all around handyman projects of all kinds.  Most anything short of actually building a house from scratch.  However, the two hobbies that I happen to excel at are photography and fireworks.  Both hobbies have become more than just hobbies to me as I have invested a lot of time and money as well as dedication into both activities.  Since fireworks are very situational and seasonal, I don’t get to indulge myself with them nearly as much as I would like to.  Photography, however, has become somewhat of a lifestyle for me.  Its my time to get away from the madness of everyday life, its therapy, its an amazing way to start and end my day.  I get to see the most beautiful parts of any day in the sunrise and sunset.  It makes me realize that life has so much to offer and that most people take that for granted.  Photography has made me change in that respect.  I have also come to meet some pretty cool people as a result of both of these hobbies.  Click the photography link to check out some of my work.

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